General News

  • Urban School Food Alliance – Replacing Plastic Sporks in School Cafeterias – Read why!

    The six school districts that make up the Urban School Food Alliance are using their collective purchasing power to replace the traditional plastic spork in school cafeterias with knives, forks and spoons made of compostable materials. Thanks to Stephanie Smith, Child Nutrition Supervisor, of the New Hanover County School system for alerting us to this news!

  • NPR on Move Away From Polystyrene Trays

    Good morning! See this latest article on NPR about the Urban School Food Alliance! This movement away from polystyrene trays is gaining traction!…/schools-say-ciao-to-plastic-lunch-tray…

  • Six of the nation’s largest school districts dump polystyrene trays

    Breaking news! The Urban School Food Alliance has announced the release of a new, redesigned compostable tray! This tray is also more kid-friendly. The tray, made by Huhtamaki, is available to any school. This article from the Washington Post also tells the history of this important national group.

  • 2015 Green School Ribbon Awards Go To:

    Congratulations to all schools that won the 2015 Green School Awards from the US Department of Education!  We are particularly proud of the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School System! Every Tray Counts is proud to have been at the beginning of the effort in the Chapel Hill Carrboro School system to remove polystyrene trays and promote composting of the food read more…

  • Growing Environmental and Public Health Concerns: Plastic in Our Oceans:

Chapel Hill News

  • New Future for Schools – Organic Waste Recovery?

    Check out this article from Chapel Hill News…Highlight of the story is the response to the question of how to enhance organic waste recovery: According to the article, “Enrolling businesses and schools in food waste-to-compost programs is a ‘no-brainer’.” Read more here:

  • A year later after ETC’s initial effort: Composting in CHCCS system!

  • Chapel Hill/Carrboro Sustainability Coordinator

    Read the latest news on Dan Schnitzer, the new sustainability coordinator for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. This is a new position that ETC helped to implement in the school district. So far, Mr. Schnitzer has helped to divert over 32,000 pounds of trash from the landfill (and saved the schools money by doing so.) Read the full story at read more…

Durham News

  • Durham start

    Every Tray Counts (ETC) began working with Durham Public Schools (DPS) in November 2013. At that time, ETC, working with other community members, had successfully used a waste audit system to show that moving toward sustainability in Chapel Hill/ Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) was financially feasible.  CHCCS had hired a Sustainability Coordinator who was committed to introducing food waste composting read more…

Granville News

  • Teresa Baker

    Granville County – I first heard about Teresa Baker about a year ago, when I was first involved in bringing the ETC model to Durham County Schools. She was known as someone who had already noticed the need for change in her area, and had begun to do just that in Granville County. I knew that she had started by read more…

Wake County News