This is a very important article about how compost works in the overall health of the planet. It discusses how regenerative agriculture practices are being used to mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon in soil. Also, the second to last paragraph of the article mentions how similar the missions are between this initiative and Every Tray Counts. A regenerative agriculture specialist is teaching his methods to farmers in Oklahoma and Texas and he believes in the power of sustainability education at a young age.  The farmers he inspires are predominantly young, not yet habituated to conventional agriculture — he estimates that about 10 percent of his students use the information, and the percentage is increasing.

Similarly, at Every Tray Counts, we are also working at the elementary school level because they are the global citizens of the future, and starting good environmental practices now is very important. They readily pick up the concept that trash should be broken down and, as much as possible, it should be reused, recycled, and composted.