Help Wake County Schools Go Sustainable

Are you aware that Wake County Public Schools are using polystyrene trays in the lunchroom? That’s over 50,000 trays per day for lunch alone! Compostable trays and the kitchen food waste could be composted.

Every Tray Counts (ETC) is proud to announce a new program for the school lunchroom. Our Adopt-A-School program replaces polystyrene trays with compostable trays and diverts the kitchen food waste and the trays to a compost site. This is a great opportunity for a business, family, community group, or global citizen to significantly and positively impact our children’s education, health and way of life.

How Can You Help? … Donate the Difference!

When you donate to ETC’s Adopt-A-School fund in Wake County, your dollars will go toward:

· The school(s) of your choice or will be added to the general fund for schools that lack specific funding.

· Helping a school, or the district, pay the difference in cost between a polystyrene tray and a compostable one.

· Hiring a compost hauler to bring the trays and kitchen waste from the school to a compost facility.

To Adopt-A-School, or to find other ETC programs and information, please e-mail us at or visit us at Every Tray Counts is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit